Israeli American-made military purchases.


2021-02-07 /

The new agreement signed in 2016 between Israel and the United States , the IDF will receive $ 38 billion in aid during the years 2019-2028, about $ 3.8 billion a year, money that can be used to make American-made military purchases.

After a 3-year delay, ministers approved a plan to allow the Air Force to purchase KC-46 refueling aircraft from the United States to replace the old rams, transport helicopters as an alternative to storms, another F-35 squadron, and fighter jets. Israel will probably have to take out loans to speed up purchases , The Ministry of Finance objected. All this, amounting to nine billion dollars, out of the 41 billion dollars of aid program for a decade.

The defense establishment has raised concerns about restrictions on the production lines of the new aircraft, if Israel continues to reject its orders as part of the procurement. The concern was heightened in light of the forthcoming elections, which were supposed to further delay the promotion of the move by the political echelon.
The other 32 billion in the aid program have already been realized in the commitments of the defence establishment with the opening of the decade of the program, which began in 2018. The procurement mechanism approved today probably includes the purchase of new aircraft from the United States also by loans that Israel will take to accelerate the production of aircraft and helicopters. This is because from the moment of ordering a new aircraft, the production time is at least two to three years.